• ASK 9W powered by IBM Watson is the most innovative search platform designed with one simple idea in mind - the fastest and most accurate answers to financial questions using any device - handheld, tablet, or laptop.
  • The Oil & Gas edition of ASK 9W is the first set of companies of the 10,000 plus public companies which will be in the database.
  • Currently, these Companies and Ticker Symbols can be entered, by speech or typing, into the Search boxes with the following Keywords or Phrases. Please note that some items may not currently be available since the database is in development
  • Coming soon – monthly updates of key performance indicators.
  • CPE – Callon Petroleum
  • DVN - Devon Energy Corporation
  • FANG - Diamondback Energy
  • XEC - Cimarex Energy
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Derivative contract gain or (loss)
  • Insider stock sales
  • Oil Sales
  • Realized price for oil per barrel
  • Total crude oil production
  • Total interest expenses